Pns: Personalized multi-source news delivery

TitlePns: Personalized multi-source news delivery
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPaliouras G, Alexandros M, Ntoutsis C, Alexopoulos A, Skourlas C
Conference NameKnowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

This paper presents a system that integrates news from multiple sources on the Web and delivers in a personalized fashion to the reader. The presented service integrates automatic information extraction from various news sources and presentation of information according to the user’s interests. The system consists of source-specific information extraction programs (wrappers) that extract highlights of news items from the various sources, organize them according to pre-defined news categories and present them to the user through a personal Web-based interface. Dynamic personalization is used based on the user’s reading history, as well as the preferences of other similar users. User models are maintained by statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms. Results of an initial user study have confirmed the value of the service and indicated ways in which it should be improved.