Elias Ladas

Email: eliasladas@yahoo.gr

Elias Ladas has a bachelor in Computer Science from the Technological Institute of Athens.
He has worked in NCSR Demokritos for two years by doing his university exercise by upgrading the functionality of an application which extracts and categorizes articles (title, content, date) of many different sources about computer science. Also upgraded the functionality of the site where the articles are previewed and the 3 modes that a user can view the articles. These contain the general mode where you just see articles sorted by date. The personal where there's a personalization way of watching the articles related to the articles a user watches and the stereotype mode where user belongs to a group depending on his personal information and can see articles related to him and the rest of the users of the groups'.

In the part of PServers' development, worked on fixing bugs in the creation of communities, took part in the creation of the manual and a supporting project for better understanding the use of PServer with an independent application and also developed and added a new functionality. This gives the capability, where the stored communities already created with PServer's bronkersbosch algorithm, are "merged" to new bigger "communities" of users.