INDIGO (Interaction with Personality and Dialogue enabled Robots).

Objective: INDIGO developed human-robot communication technology for intelligent mobile robots that operate and serve tasks in populated environments. In doing so, the project involved technologies from various sectors, and attempted to introduce advances in respective areas, i.e. natural language interaction, autonomous navigation, visual perception, dialogue systems, and virtual emotions. The project addressed human-robot communication from two sides: by enabling robots to correctly perceive and understand natural human behaviour and by making them act in ways that are familiar to humans.

Participants: FORTH ICS (EL), NCSR "Demokritos" (EL), University of Edinburgh (UK), Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg (DE), Athens University of Economics and Business (EL), University of Geneva (CH), Neobotix / GPS (DE), Acapela Group (BE), Hanson Robotics (US), Foundation of Hellenic World (EL),
Programme: Information Society Technologies (Sixth Framework), European Union.
Start: January 2007, End: December 2009.
Total budget: €3.254.943 , NCSR budget: €223.260