George Giannakopoulos

George Giannakopoulos has technically supervised and managed the process of turning PServer into an active open source project.
This includes making the hard decisions on different releases and versions, determining and supervising the next steps of development,
verifying quality and supporting community effort as a co-ordinator.

Panagiotis Giotis

Panagiotis Giotis is a member and the ongoing project-manager of PServer at SciFY NPO. He has implemented the PServer REST API, he has contributed endless hours in debugging the project, as well as in packaging and promoting it, via the organization and execution of various workshops concerning the project.

Anastasia Krithara

Concerning Pserver, Anastasia has co-supervised the work on the design and implementation of community detection methods used by the application.

Elias Ladas

In the part of PServers' development, worked on fixing bugs in the creation of communities, took part in the creation of the manual and a supporting project for better understanding the use of PServer with an independent application and also developed and added a new functionality.
This gives the capability, where the stored communities already created with PServer's bronkersbosch algorithm, are "merged" to new bigger "communities" of users.

Alexandros Mouzakidis

Alexandros contributed the codebase of PServer which later evolved to PServer as we know it. He designed and implemented a variety of functionalities and methods that formed the first backbone sketch of PServer.


SciFY has contributed to the documentation of the PServer source code, as well as to the authoring of the user's guide. In addition, SciFY helped debug and improve PServer (which led to the public version 1 and its following updates), by allocating a number of programmers to this end. SciFY also communicated PServer to a variety of media and groups, helping to create a vibrant community for the open source project.

George Paliouras

Coordinator of the research and development effort leading to PServer.

Dimitrios Pierrakos

Dr. Dimitrios Pierrakos holds a Ph.D. on Computer Science from the University of Athens, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications. He works as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications. He received his B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Athens in 1994, and his M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from University College London in 1996. His research interests lie in the areas of user modelling, web mining and web personalization.

Konstantinos Stamatakis

Konstantinos contributed to the research and development effort leading to PServer (projects MITOS, M-PIRO, CROSSMARC). He currently works on PServer test installations and evaluation.

Yannis Stavrakas

M-PIRO was an EU-funded project that developed a prototype system for personalized, multilingual navigation in museum exhibits, which incorporates multimedia presentation and speech synthesis modules. My role in M-PIRO was to develop the personalization part, by designing and implementing the original version of a general-purpose personalization server, called PServer, flexible enough to adapt to the needs of other applications as well.
Language: Java.