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Personalization Server (PServer)
We make computers serve people personally.

What is PServer? What does it do?

PServer is an opensource (Apache License 2.0) application developed by Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR "Demokritos", which offers the possibility of personalization of other applications. It is now offered to all for free through SciFY!

Personalisation? Why should I care?

You have visited Amazon/eBay viewing a book that interests you. Automatically, you get suggestions regarding similar books or books written by the same writer. You are reading the news or searching for an exotic destination and you get suggestions for relevant news/ destinations. You create a profile in a social network and relevant interests/advertisements appear. You create your profile on an application in your mobile phone and you get information you really need.
We have entered the era of personalization; internet sites and mobile apps need to offer a personal experience.

  • Developers who can offer such services at reduced costs get a competitive edge and can boost their business.
  • Sites / Applications that offer personalisation services
    • offer relevant content and great user experience.
    • increase engagement.
    • get behavioural data to analyze and use.

How does PServer make recommendations?

It uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to learn what the user wants. It does so by collecting and processing information such as:

  • how you navigate through a site/ use an application (personal recommendations)
  • how you interact with others with common interests with you (social recommendations)
  • your demographic profile (recommendations based on your demographic profile)

Thus, if you are a user, you get what you need. If you are a provider, you give what is needed.

  • Are you a developer? Download PServer
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